A Sense of Purpose

FreedomHouse Ministries hosts a local body of believers known as “The House,” and often referred to as “casual church” which meets in The Coffee House.  As a church, The House will incorporate all of the Biblical purposes of the local church:

The House will be a safe place for people who want to get to know God personally—a place to ask questions, to reflect, to listen, and to learn.  We will be intentional about drawing people in, using the Coffee House as one avenue to meet people, and we will actively go out to where people live, work, and play.  We will host family-style dinners and other activities, which include Gospel conversations to introduce people to the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The House
will be a place to gather to discuss, explore, and discover God’s answers to real questions and God’s solutions to real problems that we all face—to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the God of the Bible and to grow in faith.  We will have discipleship groups as well as one-on-one discipleship opportunities, and we will host group experiments where we learn to apply Biblical teaching to real-life challenges.

The House will be a place to authentically worship our Creator God—the Father, the Son, our Savior God—Jesus Christ, and our empowering God, the Holy Spirit—free from judgment, self-consciousness, and religious expectations. We will hold weekly worship gatherings and equipping sessions for those who know Christ personally and desire to grow spiritually and participate in worshiping, giving, serving, and living with an awareness of personal mission.

The House will be a place to come to pray for others and to have others pray for you—real prayers—to a living God who is powerful and answers prayer.  We will keep track of prayers and God’s answers to them, celebrating and glorifying God together.

The House will be a place to gather with others who are intent on living surrendered, God-centered lives—to connect, support, encourage, and care for each other.

The House will be a place to come together in order to go out into our families, community, and the world—as servant leaders—to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a broken and suffering world.