Mission Trip to Alaska, June 2023

From Idaho to Alaska

The House Church in Hailey, Idaho will be taking a team to Alaska from June 17th to June 23rd, 2023. Our team will be partnering with established ministry leaders there who are serving people in remote places. Our role will be to support, encourage, and do whatever is needed in order to help the people serving there who already have relationships with those living in Alaska.

Some of the needs that the ministry leaders there have asked for help with include construction/repair projects to help people in the community, helping with vacation Bible school, serving in local soup kitchens, volunteering in local thrift shops, visiting nursing home residents, and hosting park parties in order to share the good news of Jesus with neighbors. As a team, we will be using our individual knowledge, experience, and skills to best help the ministry leaders we will be serving. 

We are very excited about the opportunity to meet and to serve the people who live in Alaska and to support and learn from those who are serving them. We know that we will be challenged and learn a lot about what it means to care for others who have many needs, and we plan to bring the things that we learn back to the Wood River Valley, so that we might better serve the people here.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, we will need to raise financial support. We are looking for people who would be willing to contribute to the costs of this trip.

The total cost of the trip is $1,200 per team member, which we need to raise by May 10, 2023.

Whether or not you are able to contribute financially, we appreciate your on-going prayers as we plan, prepare, raise funding, and then while we are on the trip next June.

You may donate to the mission TEAM as a whole or to an individual who is going on the trip. Please remember to make a “note to the seller” on any PayPal Donation. If you write a check, make a note in the memo section of the check.

Amber Avila

Gabe Avila

Jose Avila

Haley Clark

Hannah Clark

Roy Clark

Wendy Clark

Jamie, Jaxson, and Richard Ulrich