Vision and Values


Because we believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ
is the answer to all the problems people face,
We are focused on the big picture of living out the Gospel
and speaking it into the lives of others.

Our vision is for lost people to encounter Jesus
as revealed in the Bible—

Seeking after God in real and personal ways,
Becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ,
Living through and by the Power of the Holy Spirit,
Fulfilling the Biblical calling for the Church to be
a life-giving, redemptive presence in the world.


Our Lives as Followers of Jesus Christ . . .

We will continually seek to encounter God–Individually and Together

We will be life-long learners—Hearing, reading, and going deeper into God’s Word.

We will be committed to walking and living by the Power of the Holy Spirit—Recognizing that there is nothing of Eternal value that we can do by our own power or in our own strength.

We will seek to confess and repent quickly of sin and to walk in right relationship with God, each other, and our neighbors.

We will dream big, God-sized dreams—Refusing to insult God with small thinking and safe living.


Our Lives as a Body of Believers . . .

We will create and foster an atmosphere of unhindered, authentic worship of God—Knowing that such worship is honoring to God and healing to all people.

We will choose to consider others more highly than we consider our own selves—Promoting unity and peace in the Body of Christ.

We will reject temptation to gossip about each other, give preferential treatment to some over others, and to treat any one among us with unkindness or disinterest—Speaking words of life and love, including all, and extending love and kindness to each other freely and generously.

We will be known as people of love, mercy, and grace—Remembering God’s great love, mercy, and grace for us.

We will always bring our best–Honoring God and inspiring people

We will enjoy the journey–Laughing hard, loudly, and often.

We will lead the way with radical, irrational generosity–Knowing that there is more blessing in giving than receiving.

We will be leaders who are servants, focused on others and never promoting self—Valuing fasting and prayer as regular practices and protecting and praying regularly for each other.

Our Relationship to the World around Us . . .

We will live for the bigger picture—Taking action locally and globally.

We will love our valley and take responsibility for it--Believing that actions speak louder than words.

We will be good citizens of our communities—Actively and generously stepping to to meet needs financially and physically.

We will invest our lives to bring the Lost to Jesus—Acknowledging that the Lost are a big deal to God.